World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Evander Holyfield, MMA standout Josh Barnett and professional boxer Vicente Escobedo, take center stage in this exciting new trailer from Namco Bandai. Tekken has for more than a decade showcased a diverse cross-section of martial arts styles, varying cultures, and a deep storyline that evokes human motivations as distinct as the characters in the franchise. Expect Tekken 6, the latest installment in the No. 1 fighting game franchise of all time, to set the stage for some of the greatest fighting action in video game history

  • Client: Namco Bandai Games
  • Agency: In-House
  • Production Company: United Front
  • Creative Director: Alan Mazer
  • Writers: Michael W. Abbott & Alan Mazer
  • Director: Michael W. Abbott
  • Executive Producer: Michael W. Abbott
  • Producer: Sun De Graaf
  • Director of Photography: Alastair McKevitt